International Food Stations

A great way to add a unique touch to cocktail hour is with international foods to take your guests' taste buds on a journey to your favorite flavors and destinations. 

Mexican Fiesta
Add even more fiesta to the party with a touch of Mexican. Consider a station offering a variety of Mexican classics like mini empanadas, tacos, and rice and beans. 
Greek Bites
Do you like Greek food? Treat your guests to a specialty station with highlights like mini gyros, mini pitas, spanakopita, stuffed grape leaves, pita and hummus or Greek yogurt dip. 
French Treats
Continuing with tastes of Europe, try a Crepe station to add a unique flare to your cocktail hour. Guests can design their own savory or sweet crepes with a variety of toppings like nutella, bananas, brown sugar, ham, spinach or cheese; the options are endless!
Asian Array
Sushi stations have become very popular for cocktail hours. In addition, to add further Asian flavors, consider mini egg rolls, pot stickers, or an action station to include noodles and stir fry options. Don't forget fortune cookies! This also offers an opportunity to customize the fortunes, further personalizing your special day. 
International cheese and meat platters are very popular and offer international flavors for even those with more simple tastes. 
Pasta stations are a great generic option to satisfy many taste buds as well as cater to the International theme for Italy! Consider a pasta bar where guests can pick toppings and sauces and design their own creation. 

International stations offer a great way to add fun to your cocktail hour and incorporate your favorite foods into your special day. 


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