Ceremony Send-Offs

A fun idea to include in your wedding day is a "ceremony send-off". A ceremony send-off is something that your guests will do at the end of your ceremony to celebrate your marriage. For example, blowing bubbles or throwing flower petals. Here are a couple ideas to think about:

Throwing rice at the end of a wedding ceremony is the most traditional wedding send-off. It was a ritual which symbolized fertility of the couple and having many children. Rice is typically not used anymore; it has been replaced with birdseed. It's a rumor that birds would eat the rice thinking that it was birdseed and the birds would be harmed. An advantage of using birdseed is it is environmentally friendly and is easily swept away off of steps. If you are going to have birdseed thrown, just be sure to move quickly when walking through your exit. You do not want to get birdseed in your eyes! You should also check with your church as some may have restrictions on whether you are able to throw anything.
Blowing bubbles has become a popular wedding send-off. All of your guests can participate in blowing bubbles and it's a lot of fun for guests of all ages. Plus, you'll get some great pictures! The reflection of the light and colors in the bubbles make for some really cool photos. You can purchase small bottles of bubbles and tie them with a ribbon or fabric to match your theme. This is an easy and no-mess option for a send-off. 
Lauren and Ed's Wedding...coming soon!
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Ribbon Streamers
A fun new idea for a wedding send-off is to use streamers. Your guests can wave different colored ribbons a the end of the wedding ceremony. Think about using the colors that match your wedding or even the colors of your favorite sports team. Streamers can be easy to make on your own, you just need some ribbon, a wooden stick and a hot glue gun! If you don't think you're crafty enough or don't have enough time to make them, head on over to Etsy.com, there are a ton of sellers who will make them to suit your color scheme. It'll make for a very colorful exit and some fun photos.
Flower Petals and Flowers
Tossing flower petals as a send-off is also a colorful idea. This is another environmentally friendly option. Not only will the petals look pretty in the air, they will also have a great scent. Some venues may say no to the petal toss if your ceremony is inside. The petals can leave stains on the carpet or floors. Keep the flower toss to outside venues. Another flower option is to give each guest a single flower (rose, daisy, etc.) and they can wave it at the end of the ceremony. You can decorate the flower with a ribbon to coordinate with our wedding colors.
A few other ideas:

Bell Ringing- Ringing small wedding bells can be a fun way to let people know that you are married. You can give your guests small wedding bells and as you exit everyone can ring the bell. 

Confetti- This is a similar idea to the flower petals. Today you can find biodegradable options that are fun and easy for outdoor ceremony spaces.

Paper Airplanes
This is a cute idea and brings a bit of fun to your wedding. It's inexpensive and easy to make paper airplanes.
Wedding Pennants
You can customize wedding pennants to wave after the ceremony. This is a fun favor for your guests to remember your wedding day. 

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