What To Do When You First Get Engaged

Congratulations!  Welcome to one of the most exciting times of your life.  Before we get into the beginning stages – find your fiancé and kiss!  The next few months can be overwhelming for some so it is important for you, as a couple, to take a deep breath and have fun.  If you haven’t already done so start to think about your wedding – the mood, colors, location, time of year and write it all down in a journal.  Start capturing your ideas on paper so you can refer back to your notes as you continue in the process. 

First, tell friends and family.  Try to tell your closest family and friends in person because they will want to see the excitement on your faces.  Be prepared to retell your magical engagement story over and over again and show off your new beautiful ring!  If possible, take time to get a manicure before you start showing off your ring, after all your hand will be in a LOT of pictures! 

After you have shared the news with the most important people in your lives, sit down and discuss a preliminary guest list.  Take this time to determine exactly who you and your fiancé would like at your wedding.  After you have decided on your guests, ask your parents if they would like to add any additional people.  The guest list is important because it ultimately helps to determine your venue. 

Next, discuss a budget and keep it realistic.  The budget, just like the guest list, will determine the venue, along with all other details, of your wedding.  It can be a difficult conversation for some but it is important to know up front whether or not you will have any financial help from family members.  While having this conversation be sure to remind all involved that this your wedding.  Obviously you appreciate their help but it is important to make your wedding day about you and your fiancé.  If you and your fiancé are paying for your wedding be sure to communicate and start a savings account immediately! 

Think about how long of an engagement you would like and then beginning to create a timeline.  This is a great time to secure a wedding planner who can help to ensure you stay on target and don’t fall behind in your planning.  A planner has the knowledge to provide you with a probable timeline and is in contact with vendors in your budget.  Throughout the planning process and on your wedding day a planner helps to provide you with a stress-free environment so you can fully enjoy your day. 

This is one of the most exciting times of your life so be sure to find time with you and your fiancé.  Show off your ring, tell anyone who will listen that you are engaged, kiss a lot, take your time, stay calm and remember it is your wedding, so take charge.  Last but certainly not least – ENJOY IT!


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