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If you've been following the blog, you've seen posts from all of our staff and we thought it'd be a great idea to have you all get to know some things about them. We made a Q&A for all of our staff and once a week, we'll feature a different employee for you to learn about!

First up is Caitlin, who wrote the blog on Invitation Basics we posted yesterday! Read on below to get to know her better!

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Tell us about yourself: 
I was born and raised in a small town in Northeastern, PA in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area of Wyoming Valley and after graduating from high school, I went on to the University of Delaware where I studied public relations and journalism. I am now a young professional trying to make my mark in the public relations and wedding planning industries in the Philadelphia area, while also trying to enjoy my 20's.

I'm energetic, love being active and tend to get over involved. I'm independent but don't usually like being alone because my motto is that everything is always more fun if someone else is along for the ride. I love life and love to be a part of our clients' lives while planning their weddings.

Where do you live?:
After graduating from Delaware in the spring of 2010, I moved right into the heart of Center City Philadelphia for a few months, but have since relocated to Manayunk- a section of Philadelphia about 15 minutes outside of downtown. Manayunk is a perfect location for me, since most of the residences are between 21-30 years old and many are graduates of local colleges- you are always bound to know someone. It has a cute downtown area with lots of shopping, restaurants and bars and is only a quick ride into Center City!

Give us three words that best describe your personality:
Sociable, ambitious and super-organized.

How did you get involved in the event industry?:
I always knew I wanted to be a wedding planner even at a young age, but I didn't fully get into the industry until I began the Wedding Planning and Consulting Certificate Program through Temple University. Through the certificate program, I began meeting many local wedding planners and attending events in the Philadelphia area. I have since worked weddings and events with a few local planners and am now excited to be part of the Proud to Plan team!

What's your favorite part of a couple's wedding day?:
My favorite part of a couple's wedding day would have to be the second the bride gets to the beginning of the aisle, right before starts her walk- as I fluff her dress, she usually gives me a look of sheer excitement and nervousness all wrapped into one. As her eyes move away from mine she looks up to see a crowd of all of her family and friends and her fiance standing at the end of the aisle and her eyes light up and she smiles. Her fiance smiles back and that's when you know you are part of one of the happiest days of the couples lives.

When you're not doing events, what do you do?
When not running around working weddings on weekends, I work in the public relations industry in Philadelphia. I engage with media, plan events and work on updating and tracking social media sites to get clients publicity locally and nationally. 

Do you have any hobbies? What do you do for fun?:
Outside of weddings and work, my hobbies include: playing field hockey and soccer (I have played both for most of my life); skiing, hiking and camping (I'm a wilderness girl at heart); cooking and baking (my specialty is cake balls); travelling the world (I have been to Ireland, Egypt, Ethiopia, India and Thailand to name a few);  going to flea markets to find vintage items and decoupaging anything I can (I love to craft); and being an avid tea enthusiast (I used to work at a tea shop and love the benefits that tea can have).

Fun question, if you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?:
ICE CREAM! I am a huge ice cream lover and could honestly eat it everyday - even in the dead cold of winter. My all time favorite flavor is Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk - try it if you never have, you won't be disappointed.

Check back next week to find out about another member of our staff!

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