Ceremony Backdrop Inspiration

If you are getting married in a church or a synagogue, there is always a natural altar area and backdrop for you to have your wedding ceremony in front of. Besides some additional flowers or simple decor, the stage is already set for you. When it comes to having a ceremony at another location, especially outdoors, it's often up to you to set the scene. From Chuppahs to altars and arbors to pergolas, whatever you choose to call them, they set the backdrop for your wedding ceremony and especially for all of your ceremony pictures. 

You may have your florist create one, or be inspired to make your own. Either way, here are 10 inspirations for creating a more unique wedding ceremony backdrop. 

1. Paper Petals: A cheaper and easier way to make a bold impact. Simply purchase (or hand make!) paper flowers and attach them to a sturdy freestanding backdrop. 
2. Chalk It Up: Make it personal by listing your names and the names of your VIPs. This chalkboard backdrop makes a great frame for photos. 
3. Drape It: Draping helps create a more formal and romantic feel. Try switching out traditional fabrics for lace or even burlap.
4. Graffiti Wall: Have a graffiti artist create especially for you and then transform it into a great photo booth backdrop after the ceremony. 
5. Knock Knock: Create your own backdrop by hinging together old salvaged doors. 
6. Let the Light Shine Through: Hang windows or hinge them and let the light shine through. 
7. Quote It: Bring in your favorite song lyrics, a meaningful poem, a promise to each other, or even part of your vows. 
8. Flower Power: Go straight to your florist and let them go crazy with flowers to make a beautiful Chuppah. 
KC and Eli's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Tim Joyce Photography
9. Light it Up: Use lighting to give a soft and romantic feel. String lights or candles will do the trick!
10. Nature is Your Backdrop: Sometimes all you need are the elements around you to make the perfect ceremony backdrop. 
Lacey and James' Wedding
Photo courtesy of Claire Hudson Photography

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