Ceremony Seating

To spice up seating arrangements at a wedding ceremony, many couples are venturing off the beaten path. Depending on the setting, these layouts can help to add some variety to your ceremony while complementing the aesthetic you've worked so hard to achieve. 

Ultimately all of your guests get a prime seat for the ceremony and you are literally surrounded by the ones you love on your special day. With a spiral layout, you are fortunate enough to walk past each wedding guest once you've tied the knot. 
Hay bales have become a favorite at outdoor weddings, but always remember to provide blankets or other decorative covers over the bales. This is a great opportunity to accessorize with vintage laces or even fabrics with complementing colors that add to your wedding day palette. 
Quilts or blankets can also be a fantastic option for a beach or backyard wedding. If you have family quilts that can be used, all the better to personalize the accent. 
To add some flair otherwise reserved for the reception, use vintage seating from movie theaters, stadiums, or just a mix of flea market chairs. Guests will be pleasantly surprised to see these one of a kind pieces. 
Obviously, when your ceremony takes place in a more traditional setting, your options are limited, but you can always opt to encourage individuality with signage stating, "Choose a seat, not a side". 
Colleen and Joe's Wedding
Photo courtesy of LuRey Photography
Another great twist to the traditional look of church pews are wooden benches. These can also be reused at the reception for more informal seating arrangements. Seat cushions can be provided as an additional comfort for guests. 

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