Stephanie's Dream Wedding

When Erin told us we would be doing a dream wedding post for the blog, I immediately got to work! I thought to myself, how perfect, as this is something I have been planning for as long as I can remember. My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. We met in college; he is the love of my life and best friend and I cannot wait to marry him. Although not engaged yet, I have already begun putting together those special touches and intricate details for my wedding day. 

The Theme
Simplistic Elegance. I have always thought myself to be a person of simplistic taste. I am not drawn to extravagant colors and over the top designs. I picture my wedding to be very traditional with soft colors and elegant lighting and decor. 

The Ceremony
I find one of the most romantic places to be Napa Valley. A vineyard displays such a rare, natural beauty that you do not find too often. I've traveled to Napa Valley once before and would love to return. There is something about a vineyard that is so relaxing and puts your mind completely at ease, something that is so important for a bride on her wedding day. My dream wedding ceremony would be outside in late September or early October; that perfect time when it's still warm, as Summer ends and the transition into Fall begins. To personalize my ceremony, I'd walk down the aisle to a classical rendition of "With or Without You" by 2Cellos. Ideally, I'd like a small, intimate ceremony followed by a reception of only my closest friends and family. 
The Flowers
I'd have an infinite flower budget if it was up to me! Flower arrangements are so beautiful to me and in my eyes, they can brighten up/change the look of any room. I like the colors white and mint. For flowers, I like hydrangeas, white roses, and tulips so I'd like those incorporated into my flower arrangements. 
The Dresses
My Wedding Dress
The dress is the most important piece of the wedding for me. I want a dress that expresses my personality and style and something I can feel comfortable in for the entire evening. A classic and simple, yet elegant dress--with blue shoes of course! Much like the gown pictured below; all over lace, form fitting, to the floor with a small train but nothing too over the top. 
Bridesmaids Dress Color
The Venue/Reception
For my reception, I would move it indoors or in a tent space. I'd want lots of natural lighting on the tabled sourced by candles (votives and floating candles) with a soft, neutral color scheme. 
The Food
Coming from a Food and Beverage background, I critique the food I'm served everywhere I go, so I want my food to really wow my guests. If you're traveling to Napa for my nuptials, you deserve to be spoiled! I want a variety of hor d'oeurves, specialty cocktails, and champagne (lots of champagne!) passed at my Cocktail Reception. I want food stations also set up. When guests enter a room, I want a different food and drink to be available so everyone is constantly trying something new. For dinner, I want a traditional sit down meal with a first and second course. Being in Napa, I'd love to have sommeliers traveling around to each table pouring the perfect wine complement to each course. 

The Cake
No one loves cake more than myself and if one thing had to be the most extravagant piece of my wedding, it would be the cake and dessert table. I dream of a multiple tier chocolate chip wedding cake with buttercream icing and subtle decorative touches. 
In addition to the cake, French macarons are my absolute favorite, and I want a slew of them, of all different colors and flavors at my dessert table!

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