Melanie's Dream Wedding

Frankly, I was never one of those girls growing up fantasizing about who I would marry. I also never imagined what my wedding day would ultimately look like. I can't even remember a childhood play date that revolved around a pretend wedding. So I was behind from the start, but that's not to say that nowadays I can't appreciate the beauty and allure of all the details that go into a wedding. Unlike most, my dream wedding has only just begun to manifest itself over the past few years. 

After attending the August wedding of a college friend in a Minnesota state park, I decided that an "Indian Summer" would set the perfect tone for a rustic wedding. Seeing as Mother Nature is fickle, I'd opt for early Fall, hoping that the weather would be warm with only a light chill in the air. Rich colors like dark purple, moss green, and raspberry red, would complement the season and my fair complexion. I'm not a country girl, but the idea of a rural backdrop for friends and family to take in throughout the day seems peaceful and inviting. 
Growing up, my family and I attended outdoor craft fairs and frequented state parks for hiking trips. I guess it's fitting that a barn or covered bridge would be the first place to come to mind when setting the scene for my wedding. I don't consider myself very religious so I'd like for the ceremony and reception to take place in the same location. The dual setup also makes it incredibly easy for guests traveling from out of state. I've also never liked the downtime between ceremony and reception, so this would solve that problem too.
An outdoor area would also provide ample room for guests to spread out and mingle for the ceremony and throughout the festivities that would follow. The barn would house the seats for dinner/dessert and the dance floor. A deck with lounging space would be ideal since some family and friends may not be interested in dancing. Guests could sit, wrap themselves in flannel blankets and relax under the stars into the wee hours of the night. 
Sticking with the rural theme, the barn would be decorated with hanging lanterns or strings of lights stretching across the width of the room. Any exposed beams within the barn could also be wrapped with strings of lights to keep the room well lit. I wouldn't want much else cluttering the space. The natural look of the wood would give off a down to earth feel. 
My parents always decorated our home with trinkets like old fashioned glass milk jugs, which I think would be perfect to hold bundles of wildflowers at each table and throughout the barn. Tea lights could also be placed in miniature jugs to give a more intimate feel at the tables when the natural fades as evening comes. Mason jars would serve as drinking glasses. Refinished wood tables would look amazing spread out throughout the barn. I've never really thought about seating arrangements, but I like having family and friends intermingled. It's a day of celebration, so what better time to mix people up a bit. 
The final touch would be floating lanterns as a sendoff at the end of the evening. This is honestly something I've stumbled upon in the last couple of months, but I've fallen in love with the idea of having the night sky lit with these lanterns as a cap to the day. 
As much as I'd love a live band, I just don't think my dizzying music taste would be handled by anyone better than a DJ. Plus, some of the best pictures come from the dance floor, so I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to catch those I love losing all inhibitions as they cut loose to any song their heart desires. 

Coming from a large family, I can't think of anything better than buffet style food tables. This way guests can help themselves throughout the night. I myself can eat all day, so the thought of being able to pick and nibble over the course of a few hours sounds wonderful. Realistically it may be a bit of overkill, but seeing as this is my dream wedding I'm going with an unlimited supply of finger foods available. The buffet would continue through dessert. Mini pies, tarts, cheesecakes and other single-serving sweets would be spread out for guests to enjoy at their leisure. 
Monique Lhuillier. Those two words just about sum it up. She's a genius and all of her gowns are absolutely jaw dropping. Anything concerning lace would make me ecstatic. The cut really depends on my mood, it's changed several times while planning out this post, but elegant and simple always wins out in my mind. 
Weddings are ultimately supposed to celebrate the love and commitment of a couple. With that being said, I can only hope to have a day that is filled with laughter, joy, and memories that will last a lifetime. 


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