Sharron's Dream Wedding

Being an event planner has it perks. The world of entertainment and events is constantly changing and we get to see the new styles and trends firsthand. Since the industry is forever changing, my idea of my perfect wedding is forever changing! Here is a look at my dream wedding...for now. 

Location: The Biltmore Estate- Asheville, NC
The Biltmore has been one of my favorite venues for a very long time. It represents many of the things I want to capture at my wedding: classic elegance, grand decor, and breathtaking features. If you've never been to the Biltmore, it is worth the trip to walk this amazing estate for yourself. Words don't do it justice. This property house 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, waterfalls, and views of the mountains. A glimpse into a Biltmore wedding can be seen here

Fun fact: You may have seen The Biltmore in Hannibal, Patch Adams, My Fellow Americans, Richie Rich, Mr. Destiny, Private Eyes, Being There, or The Swan, as these movies were filmed on their property.
What woman doesn't love that perfect Tiffany blue color? If there is one thing that is constant in my future wedding plans, it is that the decor will be that color. I love Tiffany blue with red, white, or a platinum/blingy accent. Large floral centerpieces will adorn each table; each centerpiece will be unique but will have to be tall and dramatic to match the venue. Each seat will be draped with white linen, accented with a Tiffany blue bow. I have always loved the idea of having cupcakes with a one-tier cake for cutting instead of a 3 or 4-tiered wedding cake. The display below is similar to the design I'd like to have for my Tiffany cupcakes. Lastly, guests will receive a mini bottle of champagne as a favor; the bottles would be clear with a custom blue label. 
Wedding Attire
I'm always toying with the idea of having two dresses. I know I'm too indecisive to decide on just one so I won't be able to pick between the slim-fitting mermaid and the beautiful ball gown. I saw this Tara Keely convertible dress while watching an episode of Say Yes to the Dress and fell in love. It would give me the best of both worlds but I'd want it customized to make the bottom dress longer as opposed to the mini lace pictured. My hair would be a loose up-do similar to the style Eva Longoria is wearing and finished with a long floor-length veil. OPI has a nail polish that matches the Tifffany blue almost perfectly; this nail style would be perfect for me. I love a little sparkle!
Special Touches
I'm always thinking of different ideas that would make my wedding unique for my guests. A signature drink is a must, everyone knows about my love for a great cocktail, but I'm definitely always thinking of different ideas to make that day memorable. One thought is to use a customized music CD for a Save the Date instead of a magnet or postcard. I would also like to offer some sort of snack related to my favorites or a Philly staple such as Rita's Water Ice truck, a donut or Philly pretzel truck, or even a truck serving Philly cheesesteaks. That last little something is important for me to have to thank my guests for participating in our day. 
Ultimately, my dream wedding is a day that will perfectly mesh my vision and my likes, with his. I want a ceremony and reception that people walk into with amazement that captures who I am, who he is, and who we are as a couple, in the details. 


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