Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Outfits

Although they sometimes unfortunately steal your thunder, flower girls and ring bearers are definitely the "cutest" aspect of most weddings. Unless, you tie flowers or a little ring pillow to your dog's collar and have them walk down the aisle- now that, that steals all the thunder. 

In order to make the flower girls and ring bearers the cutest they can be for your wedding, here are some tips and things to think about before you get started on searching for flower girl and ring bearer outfits:
  • Avoid materials that might wrinkle or stain easily- Remember, kids like to jump around, they can't always get all their food in their mouth, and most don't even know what wrinkles are, let alone how to avoid getting them. Stick to fabrics that won't stain or wrinkle easily- which means you should probably avoid silk and linen.
  • Consider what is age appropriate- If one of your flower girls is ten, you might not want to put her in the same dress her 3-year-old sister is wearing. Although many companies go to great lengths to make flower girl and ring bearer outfits match in all sizes, sometimes the older child may want to feel older by having slightly their own look.
  • Keep it comfy- Their main concerns are usually whether or not they can dance easily in them, use the bathroom easily in them, sit easily in them, and then dance some more in them. So stick to something that you know they can move in.
  • Choose something they can wear again- If you are buying a brand new outfit, try to find something that the child may be able to wear again for another occasion. It's traditional for the parents of the flower girl and ring bearer to buy the outfit, so do them a favor and save the parents money on another outfit they may have to buy. 
  • Search through their closets first- Even better yet, do them a bigger favor and see if you can pull items from their own closet that they already own. It might take just buying a new bow tie to complete the look.
  • Remember that they don't have to match the bridal party exactly- This is coming from the girl who is OCD about matching, but honestly, your flower girl and ring bearer outfits don't necessarily need to match exactly with your bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits. Sometimes, having the children stand out on their own a bit is even better. 
  • Don't be afraid to mix and match- If you have more than one flower girl or more than one ring bearer, don't feel like you need them to wear the exact same outfit. You can stick to the same style or color scheme and have it still work just as well.
  • Start with a base and add special touches- If you can't find the perfect color you want or the perfect look, don't be afraid to get base items like white dresses for the girls or tan suits for the the boys. Then you can add elements that match your wedding decor to make them work with your style. Sashes, flowers, ties, etc, can all be added to make the outfits personalized. 
  • Don't forget the shoes- There are a lot of different classic and fun shoe ideas for flower girls and ring bearers, so don't forget to consider what might work best with their outfits and what would be the most comfortable. 

  • Let them have some part in it- I know when you usually send kids to their closet to pick out their own outfit, most parents want to pretend they aren't their kids for the rest of the day, but when it comes to dressing them for your wedding, don't be afraid to let them be a part of that decision. After all, if they love what they are wearing, they're 10 times more likely to behave and be excited about being a part of the wedding. 

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