Favors with Flavor {Tea & Honey}

Would you ever consider something leafy and gooey for a wedding favor?

How about Tea and Honey!

Not only is tea healthy for you, it is a unique gift your guests can tastefully enjoy. Honey is not just a sweet treat, it also has positive health attributes, like losing weight. NOTE: Research shows that the combination of the two, is proven to boost immunity to certain illnesses keeping you in top shape for your wedding day. There are even a variety of flavors for every season, and packaging ideas to create a personalized touch to your Favor with Flavor. 

Tea for Two
The Spice and Tea Exchange is a great place to consider ordering teas from. They have a plentiful selection of flavors and varieties for each season too, if you wish to coordinate tea flavors with your wedding date. 
You can package the tea in a small metal tin to preserve freshness and showcase a personalized label with your names and wedding date. 
Blood Orange Smoothie Tea: Perfect for Spring, Summer or Fall Weddings
Cranberry Apple Tart Tea: A fabulous fall flavor
White Rose Tea: Perfect for Winter or Spring Weddings, and can be used as a nice continuation of a purple color scheme
You can also order individual flavor tea bags and package them together in cellophane or mesh, tying them together with a complementary color matching your affair. 

For prepackaged tea bags, you can personalize the individual pouches.
Sweet as Honey
And now, for the sweet as can be honey. There are several different types of honey with names like, Buckwheat, Fireseed, Avocado, Blueberry and Eucalyptus. Honey can be used in baking, cooking, or as a natural sweetener in tea. Honey offers benefits like a natural energy booster, is a key ingredient in beauty creams, and can be used as a cough suppressant. 

One way to package this is in a personalized container, such as a glass jar- reusable for your guests and classy for your favor. 

Monograms add a finishing touch to any favor. Now when your guests enjoy it in their tea or on their toast, they'll be reminded of what a great time they had at your wedding. 
Add a flower matching your centerpieces or bouquet to continue your color and floral theme.
Mason jars are a big trend right now and make a great honey canister. 
You can also arrange these with your escort cards by tying the card to the lid of the jar or incorporating table numbers on the jars themselves.
Cute sayings like these can be included on your label. Consider,

"Love is as sweet as can BEE"
"Meant to BEE"
"Bee my honey"

Favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming, why not give them something tasty and sweet? Whatever favors you choose, they can be a great way to tie in your theme, color scheme and your personality as a couple all together on your special day.


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