How We Can Save the Day with Our Emergency Kit

Besides helping our clients plan their weddings and coordinate everything the day of, we like to think of ourselves as our clients' own personal superman. We often find ourselves "saving the day" by reaching for our wedding day emergency kit (or our E-Kit, as we commonly refer to it), a large toolkit complete with a never-ending list of wedding day essentials. From stain remover to safety pins, we come fully prepared to tackle any issue that may arise on your wedding day. Below are just a few scenarios we find ourselves in on wedding days and what we grab for in our emergency kit to help save the day!
Medicine and First Aid
Scenario: The groom had a little too much to drink the night before and is having a good old fashioned hangover headache. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We are stocked with all sorts of pain medication including Aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, and other medicines including nasal decongestants, if his hangover happens to really be a bad cold coming on, though it's probably doubtful. 

Scenario: The father of the groom is having some stomach issues from the coffee he drank this morning.
What's in Our E-Kit: From Tums to Pepcid, to Rolaids and Pepto, we have them all on hand so the father of the groom can take his pick of which works best for him. 

Scenario: The bride's gorgeous new shoes haven't been broken in and she's getting blisters on her feet. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We will help clean them off, put some Neosporin on them and cover them up with band-aids to get her back to enjoying her day. 

Scenario: The Maid of Honor's contacts are acting up and she doesn't have any solution.
What's in Our E-Kit: We have Visine, contact solution, and a case if she needs to take her contacts out. 

Scenario: It's that time of the month for one of the bridesmaids and they weren't expecting it. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We've got tampons, panty liners, and Midol so it doesn't stop her from enjoying the day. 

Scenario: One of the guests pops an appetizer in their mouth and only after the fact, realizes that it included something they were allergic to. 
What's in Our E-Kit: If it's a mild allergy, we have Benadryl on hand for a quick fix, but if things get serious, we also carry an Epi-Pen. 

While Getting Ready
Scenario: The bride has buttons going up the back of her dress and no one has fingers tiny enough to latch them all. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We have a latch hook to help get each of the tiny latches in a breeze. 

Scenario: Before the bridesmaids walk out of the hotel room and head downstairs for photos, their black dresses have collected lint and the silk fabric is causing a static party under the dress. Not to mention their strapless dress wont' stay up. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Don't worry, we have lint rollers and static guard ready to go and have a full stash of safety pins and fashion tape to hold their dresses up. 

Scenario: The bride jumps in the limo on the way to the church and while getting out, black grease smudged on the bottom of her dress. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We reach for our Tide To Go Pen, Shout Wipes, and other stain removers to take care of that stain fast. If the stain doesn't come out, we rub white chalk on her dress to help blend in and cover up the stain. 

Scenario: One of the groomsmen goes to put his jacket on and the button pops off. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We have a sewing on hand and have been known to replace a few buttons or sew ripped dresses before. 

Scenario: The groom's boutonniere keeps falling apart and the florist didn't provide a backup. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We carry floral tape, floral wire, and corsage pins, so we can make a new boutonniere for the groom in no time. 

Scenario: The bride is admittedly a crier and so is her mother. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We are stocked with tissues and will always have them on hand throughout the day for the first look, the ceremony, and at the reception during all the great toasts and speeches where there won't be a dry eye in the house. 

Scenario: The bride's nerves have been on high all day and she realizes she hasn't even eaten yet. 
What's in Our E-Kit: The ultimate life saver, granola bars, are stocked in our E-Kit. 

Scenario: It's a windy day and the girls' hair just isn't holding up while taking photos outside. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Our hair products include all the basics like bobby pins, hairspray, a brush, comb, and mirror so we can freshen up their hair before they walk down the aisle. 

Scenario: It turned out to be a 90 degree day in May, but you were forecasted to be in the 70s. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Our brides may need a little suncreen, a fresh coat of deodorant, and even some oil absorbing sheets to blot their face. 

Scenario: The mother of the groom's false eyelashes are starting to fall off!
What's in Our E-Kit: Don't worry, we have eyelash glue on hand. 

At the Ceremony
Scenario: As we start getting the outdoor ceremony space set-up, the wind starts picking up and the aisle runner, aisle markers, and other decor just aren't staying put. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We have a full stock of every kind of tape, adhesive putty, ribbon, glue dots, and more. 

Scenario: The best man was given the task of taking care of the rings. But, when moving from the hotel to the church, the best man forgot to bring them!
What's in Our E-Kit: We always keep two fake rings on hand just in case! No one will be able to see the rings during the ceremony, and they will never know! These also come in handy for the ring bearer's pillow instead of leaving a 3 year old ring bearer in charge of the real rings!

At the Reception
Scenario: The mother of the bride ate too many appetizers packed full of garlic during the cocktail hour and wants to go around to greet guests. 
What's in Our E-Kit: One of our mints, breath spray, or a piece of gum should do the trick, but we've got Wisps and a full toothbrush and toothpaste on hand to make sure her breath smells minty fresh. 

Scenario: While setting up the reception room, we need a little something on the cake table and along the bars, and your bar signage just won't stand up straight. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Well it's not technically in our E-Kit, but we always have them with us: clear vases for the bride and bridesmaids bouquets so we can use them to decorate the reception room along with easels when a sign needs a little more support. 

Scenario: With over 200 votive candles and another 50 large candles throughout the room, it may take a full half hour to light all of the candles. 
What's in Our E-Kit: We always have a full stock of long lighters to make lighting candles a quick and easy. And if one of the votive candle holders is missing the candle, we have some backups. 

Scenario: They got to cut the cake, and the groom decides to smash a piece right in the bride's face. 
What's in Our E-Kit: Don't worry, we're behind you ready with a pack of wet wipes, so we can get you cleaned up and back on the dance floor. We also carry an extra cake knife set, if the couple hasn't brought their own or the venue isn't providing one. 

Scenario: This emergency kit staple can be used in almost any scenario.
What's in Our E-Kit: All throughout the day we seem to always grab our emergency kit staple: SCISSORS! Not a wedding goes by where we don't use them. 


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