Cake and Dessert Table Decor

Besides the sweetness of the occasion (your marriage!) the actual sweetness is the dessert! Your wedding cake and dessert table decor is a great way to continue your wedding theme and add a unique touch to your special day. 

The cake can be showcased individually on its own table for a more traditional feel. Votive candles are a great way to highlight this and add romance to this simple and elegant cake table. 
Shay and Aramis' Wedding
Photo courtesy of M2 Photography
A cake stand is also a beautiful feature to add dimension to the table. Especially if you have a classic three tiered cake, the stand offers additional height. 
Anna and Josh's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Clair Pruett Photography
Another great addition to a single display cake table is the bridesmaids' bouquets like our bride and groom, Kate and Bryan did!
Kate and Bryan's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jenn Woodruff Photography
To combine your cake table and dessert table also offers additional decor. Offering an array of sweets on one table creates a plethora of options for your guests. 
Adding family mementos to your cake or dessert table is a great way to be unique and personal as a couple. You can use images from your parents' and grandparents' weddings, baby pictures of you and your spouse, or pictures of your pet!
Utilizing a different style table also adds an especially unique feel. Consider a vintage dresser or a tea cart. 
Your new monogram or your last initial are also a simple and great touch to a dessert table!
Dessert and cake tables are a great place to be as simple or elaborate as you wish to be. The smallest details can make all the difference, and a decorated dessert display will make your special day even sweeter.


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