Ways to Include VIPs in Your Ceremony

During your wedding ceremony, you typically have your best girls and guys standing up next to you as your bridal party. Your father usually has the honor of walking you down the aisle. Your mom and the mother of the groom usually light a unity candle. If you have a few other special people who you would like to include, here are some ideas on how to include other VIPs in your wedding ceremony. 
Typically, the officiant is a member of the clergy or a city official. However, you could include someone special by having them marry you. This trend is becoming more and more popular today. There are many websites that offer ordination online. By having someone you know marry you, you will be creating a very personalized ceremony. Just be sure to check the laws in your state and county so that you know that you are in fact married after your wedding. 

In some ceremonies, it is tradition for someone to light all the candles on the altar before the ceremony. Just be sure to select someone age appropriate for this job. 

Ushers are people who escort guests to their seats for the ceremony. Sometimes groomsmen are given this job, however, if you would like to include other important men in your wedding, this is a great job for them. 

Program Distributors
If you are having programs for your wedding ceremony, you might want to have a few people hand these out to your guests. This is a great job for close friends who you want to include or some younger family members. 

Almost all ceremonies have a reading or two. This is a great way to include someone special in your wedding ceremony. You can select a nice passage or poem for these VIPs to read. 
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If you have a talented VIP, have them sing a special song during the ceremony. Just be sure to work out the logistics with any other musician you hire for your big day. 

Altar Servers
For certain wedding ceremonies that are a mass or service, the assistance of altar servers is necessary. Most often the person must have experience but this is a great job for younger cousins or friends to be involved in your wedding. 

Young Children
If you have a few young children in your family, and you want to include them but don't necessarily want to include them in the bridal party, Pages or Train Bearers is a fun job for little ones. They are responsible for carrying the bride's train down the aisle. Just be sure to wipe little ones hands before the job. Another easy job for young children is to be in charge of any bubbles or flower petals that you want to distribute among the guests. Give the little ones a basket filled with your favors and have them hand them out to guests before the ceremony. 
Religious Specific Jobs
Gift Bearers
In Catholic ceremonies, someone is needed to bring the bread and wine to the priest during the ceremony. This is a great job for younger guests or a whole group or family of people close to you. 

Huppah Holders
In Jewish ceremonies, the bride and groom stand under a Huppah. People who are special to the ceremony are selected to carry the Huppah into the ceremony and stand holding the poles during ceremony. 

In Muslim ceremonies, the Hattabin is a male family member or friend who helps prepare the groom for the wedding. Traditionally, the Hattabin proposes to the bride on the groom's behalf. 

In Greek weddings, the Koumaro's role is very symbolic. He has many duties during the ceremony. He places the crowns on the couple's heads, then switches them back and forth three times, uniting the couple. 

Another way to honor special VIPs is to add a special thank you in your ceremony program. A few nice words about how much everyone means to you will make your guests feel included. Another nice way to honor special guests is to distinguish your grandparents, aunts and uncles with a special flower. This nice gesture will make them feel special during the day. 


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