Wedding Suits and Tuxedos

Once you "say yes to the dress", your soon to be hubby must also find his dream suit or tux. Though we can assure you the process is much faster and more streamlined, choosing a suit or tux for the wedding day can seem like an arduous task, especially for the fashionably challenged. 

Just like you have to choose between lace, satin, bows, jewels, and more, the men must also make their own  decisions: length of jacket, color of jacket, color of vest, number of buttons, shoe type, tie color and more. This may actually be the only day that men have more options in their wardrobe than women!

Here is a 10-step guide that you can give to your fiance to help him pick out his perfect ensemble:

1. Suit vs. Tuxedo
When making this decision, be sure to think about your wedding venue along with the theme and feel of your wedding. If you're getting married at a private club versus your parent's backyard, the choice will be obvious. Also, consult your bride, don't ever ask to see the dress, but get a feel if her dress is more formal or more simplistic and casual, that will also give you a great clue. Be sure to review all of this before you even head to the store or rental store.
2. Number of Buttons
Will it be one, two, or even three? This all depends on the look and style you prefer. Then when it comes to buttoned or unbuttoned, most jackets today are actually made to fit so that the bottom button remains open. Keep the rest buttoned up until you go to sit for your meal, then it's acceptable to unbutton the rest. 

3. Lapel Type
Your choices include notch, peak, or shawl, so choose wisely. Though notch lapels are the most common and traditional, there are a few variations that can help you get out of the ordinary, including a narrower notch lapel, which is more trendy in today's standards. Peak lapels are best with more formal suits and are often seen in double breasted suit jackets as well. Shawl lapels are the most formal lapel and are mainly used in tuxedos. 
4. Suit Color
When choosing the color you will also want to consult your soon to be bride to get a feel for the color scheme of the wedding. Also consider season and time of year, formality of the wedding, along with colors that are most flattering on you. You don't want to be too bold on your wedding day, but also remember you don't need to stick to just black. Grays, browns, and tans can all work if paired with the right elements. 

5. Shirt Color and Style
The color of your shirt should also complement the colors of the wedding along with the new suit color you just chose. Though solid colors, especially white, are most common, don't be afraid to go with a light version of another color or if you're having a more casual wedding, even a simple pattern. Once you have that down, you can decide on the collar type as well as the cuffs. Then you can decide on special cuff links if your suit needs them. 
6. Vest or No Vest 
This also depends on the formality of the wedding you are having, but vests don't always have to be saved for tuxedos or fancier suits either. Some great vests can be paired with light tan suits and add a touch of sophistication and style to the overall look. If you do choose a vest for a tuxedo, the vest traditionally matches the main wedding color or whatever color the bridesmaids are wearing. 

7. Tie or Bow Tie
Keep it simple and stick to a basic tie by choosing one that matches the wedding decor and the suit you've picked out thus far. If you're looking for something different, opt for a skinnier more fashionable tie or even take a try with a bow tie. Remember to think about whether you want to match all of your groomsmen or have your own specific color or look to make you stand out. 
8. Pocket Swatch or No Pocket Swatch
Do you have a pocket swatch that is a family heirloom or one you've held on to for years? Even if don't, it's always a fun element that can add to your overall look. 

9. Hat, Cane, or Other Accessories 
From hats, canes, or other accessories, there are several other ways to add something special to your look. Try a few items, you might be surprised to see how classy you can really look. 
10. Shoes
Will you and your groomsmen be wearing matching shoes or each of their own? Are you going for the shiny tuxedo shoes, classic loafers, or are you going bold and getting matching converse? Whichever way you choose, remember that your shoes can make a bigger impact than you think. Choose wisely!

Remember when it comes to the overall look and fit of your suit or tuxedo to be sure you find someone who really knows what they're talking about so you can have a suit tailored perfectly to you!


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