Tattoo Cover Up

That Winnie the Pooh tattoo you got on your back when you were 16 or the butterfly on your foot you got when you were 18, might not be the look you want to portray during your wedding day. Though you should start by looking for dresses that might cover your unwanted tattoos, if the winning dress shows it off, there are still ways you can cover it up. Whether you have just one or two, or more than a few, you can go tattoo free during your wedding even if you're actually branded. 

Though different types work for different brides, there are many high-level tattoo concealer products on the market that can hide your tattoo completely. Start by trying one of these:
Dermablend Leg and Body Tattoo Primer
Tattoo Camo Kit
Make Up For Ever
Mehrons Tattoo Cover Up
Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer
Also remember if you're hiring a professional make-up artist, many of them are skilled at tattoo cover up, just be sure to let them know in advance. Airbrushing is most often used as a resource for make-up artists to cover your tattoo up completely! 

If you're thinking about this early enough, and our wedding is the trigger for you to want to remove your tattoo altogether, products like Wrecking Balm, work well at fading and removing your tattoo. 
Wrecking Balm
Lastly, there is also the option of getting a new tattoo over your old one that might be more appropriate for your wedding and your new life together. This will take time and some thought, but if you think about it enough in advance, it could be the perfect compromise. A few hours and you could turn that butterfly into something meaningful for your new life adventure!


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