Linens and Chairs and Rentals...Oh My!

The reception is where you and your guests will spend the most time, and where you can bring your wedding theme fully to life. To do this, incorporate the linens, chairs, and chinaware all together to create the reception of your dreams. 

Lovely Linens: Tablecloths, Napkins, and Chair Covers
Specialty linens are the perfect way to transform the reception and continue your theme/decor color palette. This should coordinate with colors and styles used in the invitations, ceremony, and bridal party ensembles.

Start by choosing your table linens first, and then build the table around that. 

The Total Table has a great selection of linens and chair covers to choose from. 
Total Table and other linen rental companies, offer all of the latest trends in linens. Visit their website for a full offering of their patterns. Here are some popular styles you may consider:

Polyester or Spun- Durable, traditional linens

Matte Satin- Offers a subtle luster
Ribbon Roses- Create a bouquet of roses on your table
Chair covers are a great way to tie your color scheme in as well. A sash is great for an accent color too. 
Be sure to order around 6-10 weeks before your wedding, and order an extra just in case changes to the seating chart occur last minute. 

Speaking of you need to rent chairs?

Renting Essentials
Besides chair covers, specialty chairs and other statement furniture can add to your wedding decor. Consider chivari chairs or maybe a lounge section. Party Rental Ltd. and Select Events Rentals, can help you with these and all your rental needs. Outdoor weddings may require more rental items, so be mindful if you need a tent, flooring, and tables. Take a look at their websites to see the various options they can provide. 

Make arrangements for rentals at least 2-4 months in advance. If you are planning a summer wedding, start earlier as many events occur outside during this time of year. 
Marcy and Dermot's Wedding...coming soon!
Photo courtesy of mkPhoto
Are you looking for unique tableware, flatware, or china? You can rent a variety of patterns and colors to add a delectable touch as your guests enjoy their meal.
Select Event Rentals even has a 'Design Your Table' function, where you can match your selections together.
Overall, start planning linens and rentals at least 4 months before the wedding date. The reception setting will bring your wedding theme and ambiance to life, giving you and your guests yet another detail to remember and adore as you share this special day together. 


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