How to Relax Before the Big Day

It's safe to say that you will count down the days until your wedding day for at least the last month and for some for some of you, the last year. The anxiety has been building and you're beginning to feel the nervousness daily. First step: take a breath. Second step: practice some of these tips to help you relax before the big day. 

Head to the Salon & Spa
Sure it's the typical answer, but that's because it works. Schedule a spa day the week of or the day before your wedding day, so that you can take the afternoon to not do anything wedding related. Bring your girlfriends and take time to unwind and spoil yourself. 
Do a Craft
Even if you're not the crafty type, there's something for everyone. Whether you're making something for your bridesmaids or your future hubby, or maybe even your new home, there are many crafty projects you can work on that will get you relaxed. Doing something slow that is detailed and repetitive is a great way to focus your mind on the simpler things instead of your stress. 

Get Musical
Pick up that old instrument that might be getting dusty in your closet or pull out some of your old favorite CD's to take you back to the old times. You will instantly feel at home and relaxed listening to some of your old jams. Music really is it's own medicine. 
Finish or Start a Series
Finish the Something Borrowed series or start up the 50 Shades of Grey series to get you focusing on something other than the wedding. Being engulfed in a series is an easy way to get yourself excited about something else and can become the perfect excuse to take a break from wedding planning. 

Get Physical
Hit the pavement or hit the studio to work off your stress. Yoga is the best option for getting in touch with your mind and body while also getting you to look your best in your wedding dress. Physical activity is known to release endorphins giving you that extra motivation you need for your big day. 
Go Back to Your Routine
Believe it or not, going back into your old routine is one of the quickest fixes to relaxation. Instead of leaving work and hitting the gym and then coming home to make dinner, you've been leaving work and heading to a dress fitting and then a cake tasting. Make sure you get back on your routine once most of your details have been decided, so you can feel as normal as you can. 

Go Back to Nature
Take a walk on the wild side and venture out on a hike, go on a camping trip, or set out on a kayak. Getting away from technology and all other wedding related distractions will surely get your minds off of things. 

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