Jessica and Ryan's Wedding

This was a very special winter wedding! Jessica and Ryan were married in December at the breathtakingly beautiful Villanova University Church. The bride, Jessica, is the sister of Jason, the owner of Synergetic Sounds. She is also Synergetic's Lighting Designer! Needless to say, this wedding had some amazing lighting and other great things that Synergetic offers! They had their dancefloor draped off, LCD screeens with photo displays of the couple (and at one point Santa Claus playing an electric guitar!!). They also had intellegent lighting, which lit up the entire dancefloor and they were able to change the colors throughout the night. Amber uplighting really gave the room a cozy feel and there was a monogram on the outside of the building and on the dancefloor. Mark and Kurt-from Synergetic, too!-kept everyone dancing all night. They also had a photo slideshow after dinner showing pictures of the day, taken by Kevin York, it was fabulous! If you want a more in depth run down of all of the things they had, check out Synergetic Sounds blog, right here. Jason and his staff really outdid themselves! The reception was held at Lazaretto Ballroom. All Occasions Video was there to capture all of the excitement on video. The pictures below are definitely worth checking out! Thanks again so much, Kevin! Great job by all of the professionals that made Jessica and Ryan's day amazing!!

Congratulations Jessica and Ryan!!

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