Transforming Your Venue

Picking a venue is one of the first and hardest decisions you need to make when planning your wedding. And finding the PERFECT venue can be almost impossible. As you look at venues, you should always remember one thing, every venue can always be transformed into your perfect wedding venue, it just takes a little imagination and creativity. From lighting to props, the list below will hopefully get your imagination flowing and give you ideas on how to transform any venue into your dream venue. 


Most venues come with no additional lighting options except your standard lights, so whether you're using pin spotting, ceiling washes, or dance floor monograms, lighting can be one of the easiest ways to transform your wedding venue. Do you like a specific venue but hate the color scheme in the room? Wash the room with a color of your choice, often a soft amber works best, to mask the normal colors of the room. 
Jessica and James' Wedding
Photo courtesy of Martelli Photography
Jenn and Gonzo's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography

Maybe you need to make the room smaller or you want to cover up the unsightly wallpaper in the reception room, in this case, draping is definitely your answer. Draping is an easy fix, but that means it can also get expensive. If you need to cut costs, consider draping just the ceiling or maybe one on the main walls- potentially behind the sweetheart or feast table. 
Brittany and Luke's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Childress Photography

Venues have their standard layout options that they follow at most weddings, but don't be afraid to ask to break the mold. By rearranging the normal layout of a venue, you can drastically change the way the room looks. Maybe you want to move the dance floor to a different location instead of the middle. The Union League of Philadelphia is a great example; the DJ can be in this location below or on the right of the photo. 
Kyle and Olin's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Philip Gabriel Photography

You can also opt for different table sizes besides just traditional rounds to drastically change the overall look. Having all long tables or at least a long feast table gives a totally different feel than rounds. You can even include a mix of both like the photo below. 
Lauren and Phil's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Hoffer Photography

Using patterned linens is also an easy way to add a unique style to a room. Most venues provide traditional white or ivory linens, but bringing in your own color or pattern makes a huge difference. Selecting a few specialty linens for just the escort card table, cake table, or bars is an easy way to make an impact without having to rent linens for all the tables. 
KC and Eli's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Timothy Joyce Photography
Furniture and Rentals

Besides your typical tables and venue chairs, you may want to consider bringing in some additional rentals to make the room your own. You could even bring in new chairs for a quick change if the venue doesn't already have them, create a grouping of vintage furniture in the cocktail or reception room for guests to relax on, or bring in unique tables or cabinets to display photos, a guestbook, gifts and more. 
Clare and Anthony's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Jordan Hayman Photography
Sophia and Nick's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Alyssa Maloof Photography

Bringing in props is the easiest way to make a venue your own. Family photos, unique centerpieces, or your initials, quickly fill the space with your personality. Look to hang lanterns or other props from the ceiling including these hanging letters!
Christie and Sean's Wedding
Photo courtesy of Shari DeAngelo Photography
- Caitlin

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